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Календарный план 2016 год (Академическая гребля)

План подготовки сборной команды Узбекистана по академической гребле к XXXI летним Олимпийским и XI Паралимпийским играм 2016 года в г. Рио-Де-Жанейро (Бразилия)

Kalendar reja

Календарный план Республиканских и Международных соревнований по гребле на байдарках и каноэ на 2012 год



Dear Sport Friends,

On  behalf  of  the  Uzbekistan Rowing and  Canoe  Federation  I  have  a  great  pleasure  to  invite  you  to a sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan, to take part in the first  Open International Regatta Canoe sprint competitions “Samarqand Stars” which will be held in  “Pearl of East” Samarqand city from 18 till 22 October, 2012.

These competitions will be held in Samarqand in the rowing channel, which currently is the only artificial in Central Asia. We will try to create the best conditions for this competition. 

We hope that the «Samarqand Stars" will become traditional and popular competitions not only in Asia but also in the world.

We believe that participation in these events will allow your athletes to show their best results, and a rich cultural and historical heritage, the "Pearl of the East" of Samarqand will leave a lasting impression in the memory of each member of this global sporting event.
The Organizing Committee together with the City will do their best to ensure good atmosphere and team spirit during those events.

I hope that all the athletes, coaches and sport activists will achieve their goals and will gain a sense of satisfaction from participating in this Competition.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Samarqand.

Bahodir Tadjiev

President of Uzbekistan Rowing and Canoe Federation


Йигит ва қизлар ўртасида шахсий Ўзбекистон Чемпионати

Академик эшкак эшиш бўйича жамоамиз ўзининг яна бир спорт беллашувини ўтказишга тайёргарлик кўраяпти. Навбатдаги спорт мусобақаси 2000-2001 йилларда туғилган йигитлар ва қизлар ўртасида бўлиб ўтади.

Академик эшкак эшиш бўйича Ўзбекистон Чемпионати

Академик эшкак эшиш бўйича спортчиларимиз ўзларининг 2018 йилга мўлжалланган спорт мусобақаларини қизғин бошлаб юборганлар.